The Bluffs Pet Clinic can test your pet to see if your pet is suffering from environmental allergies.  Allergy testing can help identify the specific allergens causing your pet’s allergy problem (including skin and ear problems).

When we test your pet for allergies, we take a blood sample from your pet and send it to a specialized laboratory where it will be evaluated for common allergens in our area. Any hypo sensitization serum will be individualized based on the environmental allergens your pet tests positive for in your area.

Common Types of Allergies Identified by Serum Testing:

  • Flea allergy
  • Food allergy
  • Atopy (atopic dermatitis or inhaled dermatitis i.e., pollens, grasses, dander, mold, household dust)

Food Allergies

This allergy testing will include a test for a variety of food allergies. The results of this test will produce a comprehensive list of foods that would be appropriate for your pet to eat. You will also receive a list of the foods your pet tests positive for so you can avoid those foods. If your pet tests positive for a food they are currently eating, the best recommendation is to avoid that food first and see if your pet’s symptoms resolve with the food change. If your pet’s symptoms do not resolve with the diet change, the next step would be hypo sensitization injections based on the environmental allergen testing results.

For more information about allergy testing or food allergies in your pet, please contact us at 651-388-1103 or