We understand that pets can have behavior problems and we can help pet owners with most behavior issues.  Pets can have a wide variety of behavioral issues, from simple housetraining problems, to severe anxiety and aggression issues.  Problematic behaviors can be triggered by a change in the pet’s environment, like moving to a new dwelling or the addition or loss of a new [human or furry] family member. They can arise following a traumatic event like the pet getting lost, attacked or neglected. They can be a result of a medical condition, or they may simply be a manifestation of the animal’s natural maturation and aging processes.

Behavior problems can seriously jeopardize the joy of the human-animal relationship or even bring it to a tragic end.  The first step in controlling or changing these behaviors is to discuss them with us to rule out any medical component.  Then together we analyze the behavior issue, help pet owners understand the reasons for their pet’s behavior and then find realistic options for treatment by behavior modification and/or medication. In some instances, neutering your pet may eliminate the behavior problem. By making an accurate diagnosis and suggesting appropriate interventions, we strive to improve your pet’s quality of life and yours.

Please give us a call today if your pet is experiencing any behavior problems to schedule an appointment.