Microchip implantation is an amazing invention created to recover lost or stolen dogs or cats. If your pet’s ID tag falls off, gets damaged, or is too scratched up to read, the microchip is the best way to be united with your precious animal.

Microchip is your dog or cat’s permanent ID and may be the only way to see your pet again if he or she is ever lost or stolen. We can microchip your dog or cat quickly and easily during any veterinary exam. No anesthetic is required to install the microchip – we simply insert a tiny microchip with your contact information beneath your pet’s skin.

If your dog or cat was previously owned by another owner or if you received your pet from an animal rescue shelter, we can scan your pet to see if they already have a microchip installed. Most veterinary hospitals, shelters, animal rescues, and animal control facilities contain scanners to be able to easily scan your pet to see if they have a microchip.

Please visit the AVMA’s website for more information about microchipping. If you find a lost pet, please don’t hesitate to call our office – You can bring the lost animal in to be scanned to see if he or she has a microchip. You can also go to the Pet Microchip Lookup Website to find the pet’s owner by the microchip number.

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