Cats have earned their reputations as low-maintenance pets. But just because they don’t require daily walks or basic obedience training doesn’t mean they don’t benefit from routine veterinary care. Cats have evolved to mask any signs of weakness, meaning that chronic illness or injury can go undetected – and untreated  – sometimes until it’s too late. However, when an owner maintains annual cat wellness exams, their feline is given a better chance for a longer,
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Does your dog cower at the first sounds of a thunderstorm? Or, have you ever woken up in the morning to discover that your kitty has urinated on your bed or shoes, instead of in the litter box? If so, you may be scratching your head in confusion, or even tearing out your hair in frustration. But whatever your reaction, chances are your pet is experiencing anxiety. Addressing fear and anxiety in pets is a
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April 3, 2019

Periodontal Disease in Pets

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If your pet’s bad breath drives you away as she tries to snuggle up to you on the couch, you may be thinking it’s time for a dental chew. But bad breath can signify deeper dental problems than a simple treat can fix – namely pet periodontal disease. The problems with periodontal disease go further than bad breath. With over 85% of pets affected by the time they reach 3 years of age, it’s no
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If you are considering adopting a pet, whether an older dog or cat, or a puppy or kitten, you may be wondering about spaying or neutering your pet. The internet, your friends and your family all abound with opinions and anecdotes about these procedures, and it’s easy to consider delaying or forgoing the surgery altogether. But did you know that, besides preventing unwanted litters of puppies or kittens, there are both health and behavioral benefits
It’s hard to imagine a holiday season without at least one or two gifts for the four-legged friends in your life! Whether you completed your holiday shopping back in August or are still struggling to figure out what to buy, our ideas for holiday gifts for pets can round out your list. Wacky Gifts For Pets One of the best parts of gift giving is coming up with creative ideas to surprise your loved ones.
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