February 13, 2020

The Right Stuff: Pet Home Dental Care

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We brush our teeth twice a day, and the results of those efforts are definitely noticeable. Most of us wouldn’t dream of going an entire day (not to mention weeks, months, or years) without brushing, and we also benefit from regular cleanings, x-rays, and exams. The same could be said for the benefits of dental care for our pets. And although applying these same principals to your pet could seem challenging at first, the health
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As you move through the ups and downs of pet ownership, we strive to provide you with monthly pet care blogs that answer questions or address concerns. From pet care blogs about behavior, contagious diseases, or general lifestyle topics, our goal is to share our knowledge, raise awareness, and inspire the best possible care at home.  Throughout the year, we can gauge what topics resonate with our online readers. With each click, share, and scroll
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The long months of winter can have most of us wanting to curl up on the couch. Add to that the busyness of the holidays, frequent travel, and inclement weather, and keeping up with your pet’s exercise needs can be a challenge. Thankfully your friends at The Bluffs Pet Clinic have some fun, exciting, and easy winter activities for your pet that will have you both up and moving. Let’s take a look at some
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We all want to do the best when it comes to feeding our families, and that includes those with four legs. Many of our clientele have been drawn in to the grain free pet food fad, but the truth is that this trend may not be a great one. So how are you to know? Let The Bluffs Pet Clinic help you understand how to make the best diet choices for your pet. The Potential
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Halloween is one of the most popular holidays for humans, and if the cute internet pictures are accurate, it’s popular with pets as well. But even though pets in costume look cute and funny, Halloween can actually be a frightful holiday for companion animals. Certain Halloween dangers for pets can even lead to scary pet emergencies. But, fear not! With some preparation and planning, as well as awareness, you can make sure your pet stays
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