We provide state-of-the-art equipment to properly diagnose your pet accurately and quickly!

The Bluffs Pet Clinic provides on-site radiology to perform digital x-rays and dental x-rays as additional diagnostic tools to aid in your pet’s diagnosis.

Digital Radiology

Digital radiology, or digital x-rays, are the most common imaging tool we use to aid us in diagnosing your pet.  We utilize digital X-rays to scan your dog or cat’s internal organs, internal systems like the skeleton, cardiopulmonary for the heart and lungs, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems. No pain is involved in using X-rays as it is a non-invasive procedure.   The digital x-rays allow us to obtain radiographs quicker than with traditional films and also provide a quicker turn-around time when x-rays are submitted to a radiologist for a consultation.   The images are rapidly available within minutes after being taken, greatly speeding up the x-ray process.

  • To find foreign objects or materials in the body that may have been swallowed
  • To diagnose fractures, bone and/or joint abnormalities, in addition to an array of other injuries
  • To screen for abnormalities within the heart, lungs, urinary, and digestive organs
  • To screen for some forms of cancer

Dental Radiology

Dental x-rays allow us to see the internal anatomy of your pet’s mouth and teeth plus the roots and bone surrounding the teeth. Periodontal disease often settles below the gum line, where we are unable to see without x-rays, and also may settle behind teeth or within the bone.  Dental x-rays allow us to accurately diagnosis your pet’s mouth health and we use dental x-rays as a part of our professional dental examination and cleaning.

For more information or to schedule a dental cleaning for your pet, please contact us at 651-388-1103 or myvet@bluffspetclinic.com.