New Puppy and Kitten Vet, The Bluffs Pet Clinic, Red Wing, MN

Congratulations on your new puppy or kitten! What a wonderful and adorable addition to add to the family!

All of us at The Bluffs Pet Clinic are waiting to meet your new puppy or kitten!  We recommend bringing your new pet in as soon as possible after they come home.  We would like to make sure your pet is healthy and that no immediate concerns need to be addressed. Whether you purchased your puppy or kitten from a breeder, pet store, or rescue/adoption center, your pet needs a thorough exam by one of our veterinarians.   If your pet is found to have a medical problem, the sooner we start treating your pet the faster we can get your pet on the way to recovery.

Please bring any medical records and documents of your pet’s health history including information on any vaccines or deworming that may have been administered, as well as a fresh stool sample (less than 12 hours old). Don’t forget to bring your pet into the clinic on a leash or in a carrier to keep them safe!

See our Puppy and Kitten wellness plans here!

Your Puppy’s First Visit Includes:

  • A thorough “nose to tail” exam
  • A customized vaccination program dependent on your puppy’s age and lifestyle
  • Heartworm prevention recommendations
  • External parasite screening and free dose of Frontline
  • Intestinal parasite screening and deworming
  • Housetraining and behavioral consultation
  • Nutritional and exercise guidance
  • Information kit which includes “A Guide for You and Your New Puppy”

Your Kitten’s First Visit Includes:

  • A complete physical examination
  • A customized vaccination program dependent on your kitten’s age and lifestyle
  • External parasite screening and free dose of Frontline
  • Intestinal parasite screening and deworming (as needed)
  • A screening blood test for Feline Leukemia, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
  • Recommendations for controlling and preventing fleas and ticks
  • Litter box training and behavioral consultation
  • Nutritional guidance for proper food portions and type of food to serve
  • Information on getting your kitten accustomed to car rides and vet visits

Immediate care is needed for your pet if any of these symptoms arise:

  • Coughing, trouble breathing, wheezing, or any respiratory problems
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Non-stop panting, exhaustion, or restlessness
  • Loss of appetite (or barely eating)
  • Discoloration of gums (turning from pink to gray or white)
  • Allergic reactions (i.e. swelling anywhere on the body or face or hives which are most visible on the belly
  • Eye injury or discharge (even if mild)
  • Seizures, fainting, or collapsing
  • Shock or trauma from an accident (even if physical harm is not detected)
  • Thermal stress, (an increase or decrease in body temperature)
  • Any open wound that is bleeding (even if mild)
  • An animal bite or attack (even if mild)
  • Possible poisoning
  • Foaming at the mouth

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